Are You a Struggle Bus In the AM? Try These Tips For an Easier Tomorrow

For those diehard baseball fans shutting the TV off and getting the final score on your phone the next morning just isn't' acceptable. How about the games that go into extra innings? Those nights, or mornings technically, can really throw you a curveball in the morning when that alarm goes off.

Here are three important tips for an easier morning following a bad night's sleep.


First tip is not to hit the almost warn out snooze button. It is so easy to find this as an easy solution, and it almost makes sense in your tired state. However, this can put you back to sleep which may seem great at the time but it will likely make you more groggy than before.



Shining some light on the subject helps too! Try opening up the curtains and enjoying natural light. Natural light has been found to suppress the production of melatonin and help wake you up.


Taking a cold shower can also help greatly, as it increases oxygen intake and speeds up circulation giving you brain a must needed boost.

So the next time you stay up for a 6-hour Red Sox vs. Yankees game try these tips for a better recovery.

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