No, Gas and Milk Are Not Expensive Compared to 30 Years Ago

How many of us have watched a classic game show and saw some of the prices of the prizes and thought man, cars used to be much cheaper, appliances used to be cheaper.

But what about those things that haven't changed in price that much? When you factor in inflation, you'd be surprised how some items are pretty close to what they cost back in the day.

One of the first items that comes to mind is the computer. A Macintosh in the 1990's ran approximately $2,500 which would be close to $6,000 today.

What about gas? Gas has to be more expensive now, right? In the mid 80's gas was an average of $1.12 a gallon or $2.63 with inflation. Today's average is just under that at $2.77. 

And being from New England, with all those trips to the store for milk and bread during blizzards, what about milk? In 1985 a gallon of milk was $1.09, with inflation that's $2.56. Today the average is $1.96 so it actually is cheaper than it was!

There is one particular item that did go up in price: the newspaper. The New York Times cost 40 cents back then, roughly a dollar with inflation. Now it goes for $3.00.

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