Millennials vs Senior Citizens in Losing More Money to Scams, Who Ya Got?

Have you gotten a call from someone who needs money? You're not the only one.

When it comes to scams, you may be surprised who actually falls for them more than anyone else.

In a recent report from the Federal Trade Commission, 40-percent of people in their 20's reported falling victim to fraud last year versus only 18-percent of seniors who lost money in 2017.

Credit Card fraud, identity theft, tax fraud and imposter scams are among the top culprits. The data collected by the agency also indicates that the complaints were down to 2.68 million customers in 2017 compared to 2.98 million in 2016.

"While we received fewer complaints in 2017, customers reported losing more money to fraud than they did the year before," says Tom Pahl, acting director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Remember the next time your phone rings, or you get an email, you may want to think twice before sending out that check or transferring that money at any age!

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