Marrying Your High School Sweatheart After 30 Years is Impressive

We saw it this past weekend. Students graduating, gathering in front of the SNHU Arena posing for their post-graduation family pictures.

While many families celebrated their graduates, another type of celebration was going on in Kansas City. Phillip Adams and his new wife Shelley were posing for a different kind of picture in front of their school.

They dated as teens and broke up, but 3 years ago they reconnected and now, some 30 years later, have gotten married! Oak Park High School has a special meaning for both.

It's where they met in art class three decades ago.  "It was an awesome school to go to. We really enjoyed our time here. We thought it's the perfect place to get married," Shelley said in an interview with Fox News Kansas City. 

"I contacted the principal here at Oak Park and asked permission, obviously, to get married out front. It just snowballed from there. Everyone has been so excited for us," Phil Adams said.

Oh...and if you guessed Facebook was the reason this couple became reaquainted, you would be correct.

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