Discover Wild NH Day - Weather Reports

Kids of all different ages gave us their best radio DJ impression by recording the weather in our broadcast vehicle at Discover Wild NH Day. Here are the awesome results:

Abbey R.

Addison C.

Adeline R. 

Aiden P.

Alex N.

Anchal N.

Andrew H.

Archer L.

Arianna M.

Arjun M.

Asha I.

Auden I.

Avery D.

Billy M.

Brady L.

Brooke F.

Brooklyn E.

Caroline H.

Daniel R.

Dillon M.

Elasia S.

Elia P.

Elliot O.

Emmaline M.

Gabriella S. 

Gardell W.

Haley F.

Hayden O.

Isabella A.

Izzy A.

Jacob C.

Jazzy M.

Jillian M.

Johnny M.

Julianna S.

Kamryn L.

Katy M.

Kayla Z.

Landon L.

Liam R.

Lily M.

Maci L.

Marcus D.

Matt J.

Melody B.

Michael D.

Miley M.

Morgan F.

Nathan C.

Nathan H.

Nichole B.

Noah R.

Oliver L.

Patrick M.

Ravyn P.

Ryan L.

Ryland C.

Sage B.

Samantha M.

Taylia R.

Tegan T.

Trent K.

Tristan D.

Zachary A.


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105.5 WJYY

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