WATCH: Official Queen Biopic Trailer is Here and It's Glorious

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Especially about one of the best Rock bands to ever grace planet Earth!

Queen was and still is a major "force" in my life. For instance, when something "quasi epic" happens in my life say, a new vehicle or I scratch a winning lottery ticket, I can crank "Bohemian Rhapsody," or "We are The Champions" and it makes the moment that much more epic-er.

Maybe I'm in the mood for some straight ahead rock after a hard day and "Tie Your Mother Down," or "Keep Yourself Alive" can surely ease the tension. 

Then there are the multi-tracked vocals, those sick and glorious vocals, that some how manage to take the basic rock formula and turn it into with a masterpiece akin to anything Beethoven or Bach could have composed.

Queen is and was always that good.

Listening to their music is like reading an incredible book and then going back and picking any chapter to re-read...only with Queen you get to hear the chapters...and oh what chapters they are.

Look for this Queen biopic to encompass all of that.


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