4 Cool and Unusual Day Trips to Try in Hillsborough County

New Hampshire's Spring school vacation will be here before you know it!

What are you going to do with the rugrats the week of April 23 - 29? It's never too early to plan a few local day trips to keep the kids out of trouble, off the Xbox and hopefully, keep their faces from being buried in their phones.

There are many ordinary things you can do around the state but wouldn't you want to focus on some of the things that are off the beaten path?

Here are some of the best Hillsborough County has to offer.

Benson's Wild Animal Park

Kicking it off in Hudson with a spot that was once one of the biggest tourist attractions around. Back in the day, Benson's Wild Animal Park housed a variety of exotic animals including Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh my!) as well as Colossus the Gorilla.

Some of the structures have been preserved and now the area serves as a town park. It also has one of the state's most beautiful and touching 9/11 Memorials featuring an actual piece of the Pentagon. Definitely a must see!

Country Inn and Tavern

If you find yourself in need of a bite to eat after walking around in the park, swing by and grab lunch and maybe a spirit or two at the Country Inn and Tavern on Amherst Street in Nashua. The restaurant is in a converted farmhouse that's been standing there since 1741! Being there for 277 years, the house is rumored to be haunted.

The back of the menu features an article from a local paper that tells the story of Elizabeth Ford, supposedly murdered by a Sea Captain and her body thrown down a well. Even though the story is a bit on the macabre side...the food is really good but make sure you bring your Proton Pack.

Town of Monson, NH

The town of Monson, NH is located on the borders of Milford and Hollis. It was the state's first inland colony settled in the 1730's. Unfortunately, by 1770 the settlers decided to pack it in due to harsh winter conditions and ineffective town planning. A developer was going to build homes on the land but that was prevented by people concerned over the historical loss.

The Gould house was restored and is now a museum. Monson is now a historic park with fields, trails and historical markers dotting the landscape. 

The Swing Bridge

As long as you are in Milford anyway, get a look at "The Swing Bridge". It's a two hundred foot pedestrian bridge constructed in 1889, it replaced a wooden span that was swept down the Souhegan river in high water in 1869. They call it the Swing Bridge because it's an Iron Cable suspended bridge that would sway in heavy winds scaring the factory workers that used it daily to get across the river. 

(Credit: Atlas Obscura)

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