Was the Tooth Fairy Stingy in 2017? A Recent Survey Suggests So

It's National Tooth Fairy Day. You know, the day that we celebrate that magical and mystical creature that leaves something under your child's pillow in exchange for that cool little tooth they lost.

An annual survey by Delta Dental, called the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, just came out. And even though the stock market soared last year, the average tooth payout DROPPED by about 11%.

The Tooth Fairy paid out a total of $271 MILLION for lost teeth last year. The average amount of money kids in the U.S. got for each tooth was $4.13. That's down from an all-time high of $4.66 in 2016.

But the average price for a FIRST tooth stayed pretty steady at $5.70. That's down just 2 cents in the last year.

Aside from money, the most common things she leaves are a toy, a letter, and a toothbrush.

We asked our listeners on Facebook how the Tooth Fairy works at their house.

It seems that it's pretty consistant in many homes, leaving $5 for the first tooth and $1 for each additional tooth. One mom said that the Tooth Fairy leaves $1 for the first tooth and $.50 for each additional.

What if the Tooth Fairy forgets to make it to your child's room? One mom said, "she leaves a note with it that says “Sorry I didn’t make it last night, I was very busy.”

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