This Go-Getter Escaped From Prison Half-Way Through a 4-Day Sentence

Mark this down of your list of things not to do.  

An inmate in northern California escaped from a detention facility in Sonoma County on Friday night. That's bad, but the thing is, he was halfway through serving a four-day sentence for driving under the influence. 

At about 8 p.m., Marc Schwartz, 22, scaled a tall razor wire fence near Santa Rosa, getting tangled, receiving cuts and scratches, then jumped a wooden fence and ran, according to the Sonoma Sheriff Facebook page.

The detention facility was locked down and an inmate count determined Schwartz was the escapee.

An alert citizen reported a man running through a nearby field prompting more than 20 sheriff's deputies, a helicopter, a Santa Rosa police K-9 unit, the California Highway Patrol and even the Santa Rosa Junior College police to search for Schwartz.

Schwartz's free time didn't last long. He was apprehended just 38 minutes later in a creek. Schwartz was taken to a hospital for treatment of the razor wire wounds, and then booked Saturday morning in a more secure jail.

Unfortunately for him, having just over a day and a half left in his initial sentence, he now faces a felony escape charge and could now serve a year in jail.  

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