New Study Reveals Younger Folks Are the Loneliest in America

A recent survey by health insurer Signa turned up some surprising results on the effects of loneliness and what age group most often feels it the most.

Close to one half of Americans report feeling alone either sometimes or always. What may even be more startling, two out of five people sometimes or always feel their relationships are not meaningful.

What may come as a surprise to some, recent high school graduates (18-22 years old) are the age group most likely to feel lonely, registering a "loneliness score" of 48 in the survey, followed by millennials (born pre-1985) at 45.

People over 70 had a score of 38. The study also revealed that the rise in social media use over the last ten years is not necessarily a contributing factor to how people report feeling.

Those surveyed who say they're heavy social media users report a loneliness score of 43 compared to 41 for those who never use social media.


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