Never Met a Cheesesteak You Didn't Like? You Will When You Get the Bill For This One

If money is no object, then you might want to take a quick lunch trip to Philly and try this out. The Barclay Prime restaurant in Philadelphia is serving a $120 cheesesteak that they say is worth every penny.

Instead of the regular cheesesteak fare, they are using waygu ribeye beef from Japan that is $75 per pound. It’s topped with foie gras mousse and truffle butter.

Cheese? It wouldn’t be a cheesesteak without it, and they use Italian Caciotta al Tartufo, “a blend of cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and truffles."

And to drink? How about a half bottle of champagne? But of course! A compimentary half bottle of bubbly accompanies the rich sandwich.

The chef claims everyone that has tried it is "blown away." For most folks, you’d be blown away too when you get the check.

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