Apparently Moving in With Your Parents is Like Giving Them An 'Age-Related Disability'

Moving back in with your parents might make you feel kinda bad about yourself. Sometimes it's unavoidable, like you lost your job. Maybe it's because you want a fresh start, a change of scenery or just want to live in a state that has more opportunities and a lower cost-of-living.

Or maybe it's because your parents are so rad and your mom will still do your laundry and cook you dinner (really you would rather just avoid all of the things that come with "adulting.") 

Whatever the reason, if you move back home you might be slowly sucking the life out of your parents.

A new study by the London School of Economics found that when someone moves back home, it causes a significant drop in the quality of their parents' life and wellbeing.

In fact, the effect is just as strong as if they had developed, "an age-related disability," according to the study.

Translation: You moving into your parents' basement is just as hard on them as dementia or a broken hip.

Why? One of the authors of this research study, Dr. Marco Tosi explains, “When children leave the parental home, marital relationships improve and parents find a new equilibrium. They enjoy this stage in life, finding new hobbies and activities. When adult children move back, it is a violation of that equilibrium.”

Basically, your parents are supposed to be entering the next phase of their relationship, developing new hobbies, traveling, and enjoying their independence Chances are they don't really remember the last time they had a date night.

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