This Golf-Soccer Hybrid is More Fun and Less Frustrating Than Real Golf

First there was Golf, then Frisby Golf and now...Footgolf! That’s right, Footgolf is a thing. And people are bagging their clubs and kicking soccer balls on the course.

If you like to kick a soccer ball long distances this sport is for you and the family. There are rules, and you keep score, but the hole you sink the ball into isn’t nearly as small.

Unlike golf, it sounds like it may be more fun than frustrating. But lots of skill is still required so don't go wagering all your savings on your first match.

Footgolf has been around in the since 2011, there are over 500 courses in the U.S., and there's already an American Footgolf League.

Yes, there are Footgolf courses in New England, including N.H. Mass., Maine and Vermont, so you won’t have to travel far to give it a try. The one in New Hampshire is in North Hampton, at Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club.

Spring and Summer are on the way, (promise). Looks like a new sport where you can really get your kicks!

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