Flight Companion Ruffles Some Feathers at United Airlines


Can peacocks fly? Well, yes ... but not very high and not very far, and United Airlines had to remind one woman about that fact Tuesday.

Travelers waiting to board their flights at Newark airport in New Jersey flocked to meet Dexter, a male peacock belonging to Brooklyn-based photographer and artist Ventiko, who documents its life on social media. Dexter was HOPING to travel with his companion as an emotional support animal.

According to United Airlines, whether Dexter had his own plane ticket or not, he was unable to board because he did not meet guidelines due to his weight and size, not to mention health and safety concerns. United Airlines states that they informed the traveler of this before she even arrived at the airport.

Airlines have allowed some passengers with emotional or psychiatric problems to take therapy animals on board with them, but this one might be a little over the top.

Not everyone thought this was funny, however. One Instagram follower said, "Congrats on successfully getting the media attention you wanted to promote your form of ‘art’ after being told three times (before even stepping foot in the airport) that this bird was not allowed. Way to put your art and media seeking attention above the needs of people who actually require PSA."

Follow Dexter The Peacock on Instagram.

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