Finally! Cowboy Boot Sandals Have Arrived and They Are Glorious

No, seriously. This is not a test!

I get it. I, too, tend to look down at my cowboy boots and think, "these would be so much better if they were somehow converted into boot-sandals." 

Luckily for you, and me, a guy in Missouri has our same thought process and has developed the "Redneck Boot Sandal." Basically, you ship your own cowboy boots, and they will chop em up. I mean, reconstruct your boots into a new fashion statement. 

For the low price of $150 and $25 for standard shipping and handling, you could be a Redneck Boot Sandal owner in just 5-6 weeks!

I mean, look at these bad boys! 

redneck boot sandals brown

Don't worry, ladies they've got you covered too. 

womens redneck boot sandals

Get started on your dream fashion at

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