Apparently the Key to Getting Rich is Surrounding Yourself With Optimism

Think positive! That seems to be the secret if you want to be rich and successful.  

A new study found one key difference between millionaires and the others. It's that wealthy people, especially self made, avoided pessimistic people.

Self made millionaires in particular shared how they were optimists and tried to avoid people with a pessimistic personality.

That trait seemed to be true of nine out of ten rich people. Think about it: when you're with a group of people and one person is constantly negative it can bring everyone down.

But if that person is off the walls happy and optimistic, you've got yourself a grand old time.

They say it's a simple lesson, thinking positive and being around people who do too will take you further than hanging around people who don't. So, don't worry, be happy, and then get rich!

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